I’m Becky and I’m a first year Mathematics and Statistics student.

I have always loved football and have played for many years, and now I am looking forward to continuing the work of the previous captains in bringing more professionalism and success to this amazing club. We have a great squad and I can’t wait to get started! 

Despite COVID restrictions, I’ve loved my short time being involved in UWWFC and have always found the entire club to be very welcoming and inclusive. I hope to be another friendly face on and off the pitch for all club members.”

Division: Midlands Tier 2A

Coach: Craig Pead

Season Recaps: 

2014-15      Midlands 2A 4th place     ;     Midlands Conference Cup Semi-final   

2015-16      Midlands 2A 6th place     ;     Midlands Conference Cup Semi-final 

2016-17      Midlands 3B 1st place        ;    Last 16                

2017-18      Midlands 2B 2nd place     ;    Last 32

2018-19      Midlands 2B 3rd place     ;     Midlands Conference Cup Semi-final 

2019-20     Midlands 2B 3rd place     ;     Midlands Conference Cup Quarter-final