I am Amelia and am the 1st team captain. I am currently going into my third year at Warwick and am studying Business and Global Sustainable Development. 


I cannot wait to dive straight into the role and am looking forward to bringing a more professional approach to the season ahead. We will be training harder and incorporating fitness into our weekly sessions whilst still providing a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. 


Alongside the football, I am always around for a chat and catchup and my door is open if you need anything because after all, UWWFC is a family.

Division: Midlands Tier 2A

Coach: Craig Pead

Season Recaps: 

2014-15      Midlands 2A 4th place     ;     Midlands Conference Cup Semi-final   

2015-16      Midlands 2A 6th place     ;     Midlands Conference Cup Semi-final 

2016-17      Midlands 3B 1st place        ;     Last 16                

2017-18      Midlands 2B 2nd place     ;     Last 32

2018-19      Midlands 2B 3rd place     ;     Midlands Conference Cup Semi-final 

2019-20     Midlands 2B 3rd place     ;     Midlands Conference Cup Quarter-final 

University of Warwick Women's Football (UWWFC)

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