I am a second year Cyber Security student.


As Second Team Captain, I aim to keep the team fun and inclusive, while still trying to push our performance on the pitch. Sport is one of the biggest parts of my life, and it's what I look forward to after a day at uni. I've played football for nearly eight years now (winning probably less than fifteen games, so I know how to savour a win when we get one!) and I love playing.


UWWFC is where I've found all of my best friends, and joining was the best decision I've ever made.

Division: Midlands Tier 3A

Coach: Jack Coles

Season Recaps: 

2014-15      Midlands 3A 2nd place     ;     Midlands Conference Cup Last 32  

2015-16      Midlands 3A 4th place     ;     Midlands Conference Cup Last 16

2016-17      Midlands 3A 5th place       ;     Midlands Conference Cup Last 32                

2017-18      Midlands 3A 4th place     ;     Midlands Conference Cup Last 32

2018-19      Midlands 3A 3rd place     ;     Midlands Conference Cup Last 32

2019-20     Midlands 3B 5th place     ;     Midlands Conference Cup Last 16 

University of Warwick Women's Football (UWWFC)

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