I’m a 2nd year Classical Civilisation student.

I’ve played football since I was about ten and ever since then it’s been a huge part of my life. UWWFC has the best part of my uni experience and by joining the exec I hope to make sure that everyone who joins the club loves it as much as I do.

As Twos captain I hope to strike a good balance between a fun team atmosphere whilst also remaining competitive on the pitch.

Division: Midlands Tier 3A

Coach: Jack Coles

Season Recaps: 

2014-15      Midlands 3A 2nd place     ;     Midlands Conference Cup Last 32  

2015-16      Midlands 3A 4th place     ;     Midlands Conference Cup Last 16

2016-17      Midlands 3A 5th place       ;     Midlands Conference Cup Last 32                

2017-18      Midlands 3A 4th place     ;     Midlands Conference Cup Last 32

2018-19      Midlands 3A 3rd place     ;     Midlands Conference Cup Last 32

2019-20     Midlands 3B 5th place     ;     Midlands Conference Cup Last 16