University of Warwick Women's Football Club (UWWFC) is an amateur female football club that represents the University of Warwick.

The club currently has three football teams - two of which compete in the BUCS leagues - as well as a futsal team which also competes in BUCS. The first team plays in the BUCS Midlands 2A league, while the second team plays in the BUCS Midlands 3A league. The third team is hoping to compete in the BUCS leagues in the near future. The three different teams offer our members a range of different levels to compete at and ensure that everyone can play in a team that is right for them. The Midlands are a hotspot for women's football in the UK and we are proud to play our small part in this.

The club is made up of incredibly enthusiastic members who all play their part in our successes and growth. We try to be at the forefront of women in sport in every way possible and consider this to be one of our key values. 

We are proud to currently have 85 members and are hoping that this continues to grow and match the growth in women's football that we have seen over the past couple of years. We are constantly working to recruit more players to the club and would love to welcome new players - regardless of your ability!




The club was founded in 1994.

In November 2010, the club achieved the status of FA Charter Standard, allowing the club to compete in the Birmingham County Women's Football League. 

The 2011-12 season marked the first time that the club was a main event for Varsity. The match was held at the Ricoh Arena and was a double-header with the men's match. The advertising for the fixtures included both the men's and the women's teams making this a milestone in the club's quest for equal recognition. 

The 2013-14 season was incredibly important for the club's futsal team. It was the first season where the futsal team was allocated a futsal-specific coach and separate training times to the football teams. These measures paid off as the futsal team was crowned the winner of the BUCS futsal league, beating Loughborough. This season was also important for the club's charity activity as the programme for volunteering in schools was set up. 

In 2016-17, the first team got promoted into the BUCS Midlands 2A league, where they are currently seeking promotion.

The first development squad was set up during the 2018-19 season and has played an important role in making the club as inclusive and accessible as possible. The team competed in the inaugural season of the BCFA female university league. The club's FA #forall campaign was also launched to promote our club as inclusive and welcome to all.

The 2019-20 season saw a number of important developments for the club under the presidency of Ellie Reid. She was instrumental in writing and compiling what is now termed the club handbook. This provides important information for the effective running of the club and details the club's future plans and strategies. The development squad which had been created the previous season was turned into the club's third team. Important partnerships were also formed that season: on the volunteering side with LWS Night Shelter and on the sponsorship side with Rose & Crown Pubs. The club was also restructured in the form of a committee which includes fresher and alumni representatives. The 2019-20 season also marked the beginning of the club's family system - a system that sees members organised into families and where these then compete against each other. 

The club capped off the 2019-20 season with a successful application onto the Team Warwick Performance Programme, paving the way for strength and conditioning sessions and hopefully future successes on the pitch!