I am a third year studying MORSE.

Football has always been a huge passion of mine growing up and being in the UWWFC family has been a massive part of my time at University. My job as president is to oversee the day-to-day running of the club and to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

I want to make sure all members have a range of opportunity with the club and the best experience we can possibly give them.



I am Amelia and am the 1st team captain. I am currently going into my third year at Warwick and am studying Business and Global Sustainable Development. 


I cannot wait to dive straight into the role and am looking forward to bringing a more professional approach to the season ahead. We will be training harder and incorporating fitness into our weekly sessions whilst still providing a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. 


Alongside the football, I am always around for a chat and catchup and my door is open if you need anything because after all, UWWFC is a family.



I am a second year Cyber Security student.


As Second Team Captain, I aim to keep the team fun and inclusive, while still trying to push our performance on the pitch. Sport is one of the biggest parts of my life, and it's what I look forward to after a day at uni. I've played football for nearly eight years now (winning probably less than fifteen games, so I know how to savour a win when we get one!) and I love playing.


UWWFC is where I've found all of my best friends, and joining was the best decision I've ever made.



I am a first year studying History.

I hadn't played football in around 6 years before coming to university so UWWFC has been instrumental in me getting back into the sport. 

I am very passionate about expanding the opportunities for women within football and in ensuring UWWFC is accessible to everyone, no matter their previous experience or playing ability.

I am excited to further develop the thirds team and to engage with the wider Warwick community.



I'm a second year maths student.


I hadn't played futsal before university, but being part of the futsal team has given me some of my best memories at UWWFC. It's been so much fun and now as futsal captain I am looking to work with the coach to help develop the team to challenge for the title.



My name is Isha and I am going into my second year as a PPEist.


I am the treasurer for this year which means I will be seeking sponsorship and handling the accounts for the club.

My aim for the incoming year would be to secure a main sponsor along with being on top of it with club accounts.



I’m a second year studying Psychology!


Football has been a recent discovery in my life as I only started playing this year and have been lucky enough to be part of the amazing and inclusive club that is UWWFC. Football has allowed me to shape my university experience further and has taught me extensive lessons both on and off the field.


I’ve experienced an extremely friendly, supportive and inclusive environment from everyone at UWWFC and hope within my position to continue to provide this to new members as well as extend it further through a variety of new events and initiatives!



I’m a first year Economics, Politics and International Studies student from Brussels, Belgium.  


I’ve been playing football since I was a toddler, and is a sport that has brought me so much happiness in life.  Besides loving the sport, I have grown so much as a person, with football having always been a way to make friends and destress. 


Therefore, joining UWWFC was the one of best decisions I made, with the club playing a massive role in shaping my university experience so far.  A club culture that promotes inclusion, an atmosphere where everyone genuinely cares about one another, and the sound of laughter that rents the air are just a handful of the reasons I wanted to be social sec - to further champion these values. Together with Hannah, I hope to be a friendly face and ensure you feel welcome and comfortable in our wider UWWFC community.



I’m a first year sociology student. Sport has always been a big part of my life and I believe it can really help change a persons life for the better. This is one reason I decided to join the exec as social secretary. Through this role I hope to be a friendly face at the club who is approachable and always around to lend a hand. I want to ensure social events are inclusive and fun to everyone. At my club back home, socials were the main way teams would bond at the start of a new season. This would hugely improve our performance as we got to know each other better.


Social events are a great way to bond as a team and club, which are hugely important in football and something UWWFC excels at! The club has had a huge positive impact on my university experience so far and I’m looking forward to giving back the support which was present for me when I joined.



I am a first year studying Liberal Arts. 

Football has been a constant in my life and I have been very lucky to have had the chance to play in the Swiss first division for my local club, Servette. I have seen firsthand how much of an impact media presence can have on a team, and a club as a whole, as this was instrumental to my former team's growth. The team's current infrastructure and successes could never have been achieved had we not had such a strong media presence. 


I wish to be able to do the same for UWWFC: increasing the club's visibility and reach and helping to make our social platforms more professional and structured.  



I am a Spanglish first year student studying Politics, International Relations and Quantitative Methods - although UWWFC could almost be said to be my degree going off the amount of time I spend doing football related things!


UWWFC has given me a space to play the sport that I love surrounded by a group of amazing people who are always there to support and encourage each other. As charity officer I want to get as many people involved in charity events in as many different ways as possible. I hope to tighten the ties with our charity, the LWS Night Shelter, ensuring that the charity becomes more integrated into the club and, simultaneously, our club integrates itself more into charity events.



I am a second year international student from Singapore studying Politics and International Studies (PAIS).


I’ve played football for the majority of my life through school and various club teams. Football has provided me with opportunities to not only push myself physically, but also to create valuable friendships. Joining UWWFC has allowed me to continue playing football at a competitive level and has given me a vibrant social circle at university.


As kit secretary, I am responsible for liaising with our kit provider, Akuma, and the SU to ensure a wide range of kit and leisurewear is available throughout the year for all members. My goal is to ensure that all matters relating to kit are carried out as smoothly as possible, and to be a proactive member of the exec team.



As a tour secretary, my goal is to organize great tours that are inclusive to everyone, affordable and fun.


I am an international student from Luxembourg in my first year of studying Global Sustainable Development. UWWFC has been a major part of my university experience and I encourage everyone to be part of this amazing club!

University of Warwick Women's Football (UWWFC)

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