My name is Hannah Masters, and I am a second-year sociology student. Sport has always been a huge aspect of my life, and I believe it has the potential to change a person’s life for the better. This is one reason I decided to run for president of UWWFC. The club quickly became a massive part of my university experience as a fresher due to its fun and kind atmosphere.


Through the role of president, I want to ensure integration and inclusion are a focus for the exec and broader club. As our club grows, I will ensure gaps do not start appearing between our teams, because most importantly, we are a club. Another focus of mine will be on pushing charity events. As a club, we have the potential to raise much money and give back to our community. With our supportive nature, we will be able to get stuck into charity events!


I cannot wait to get started with this fantastic new exec in making sure those who join UWWFC have the opportunity to get the incredible experience I’ve been so fortunate to receive.



I’m a first-year economics student. Football has been a great love of mine and more recently futsal. As futsal captain I want to raise awareness and get as many people involved in such an amazing game. The club has been so welcoming and was an integral part of my transition to University life and so in being on the exec, I want to continue its inclusive and supportive atmosphere. 



I’m a 2nd year Classical Civilisation student.

I’ve played football since I was about ten and ever since then it’s been a huge part of my life. UWWFC has the best part of my uni experience and by joining the exec I hope to make sure that everyone who joins the club loves it as much as I do.

As Twos captain I hope to strike a good balance between a fun team atmosphere whilst also remaining competitive on the pitch.



I am a second year studying History.

I hadn't played football in around 6 years before coming to university so UWWFC has been instrumental in me getting back into the sport. 

I am very passionate about expanding the opportunities for women within football and in ensuring UWWFC is accessible to everyone, no matter their previous experience or playing ability.

I am excited to further develop the thirds team and to engage with the wider Warwick community.



I’m a fourth year studying PAIS and French. I played football from a young age until I was around twelve years old and then I stopped because I became “too old to play with the boys”. UWWFC has provided a super friendly and welcoming environment for me to get back into playing the sport I love. 


As fourth team captain I hope to create awareness about the exciting growth of the women’s game and uphold the message that football can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter your ability. Even if you’ve never kicked a ball before, being part of the fourth team will give you the perfect opportunity to give it a go!




Philippa Dale

Hi I’m Pip and I’m a third-year studying Politics and International Studies I’ve been playing football since I was 7 but I only started playing futsal when I got to university so having a friendly and welcoming team was so important for my development and confidence as a futsal player. As captain I would like to maintain this friendly atmosphere and help our team excel in the league as well as win Varsity Futsal, and as a member of the UWWFC exec I’m excited to work with everyone to further expand the reach of this amazing club and get more women into football. This club has been so integral in my University experience and any ability is more than welcome!



I’m going into my second year as a maths and stats student! I’ve always loved football and was definitely planning on continuing at uni - and UWWFC exceeded my expectations, being such a warm, welcoming and supportive club. Being in exec I want to make everyone feel as welcomed and included as I felt. I hope to represent the club in the best way possible! As treasurer, I’m so excited to be involved in the decisions that make this club what it is. I hope to maximise income through SU funding, sponsorships and looking out for any opportunity for more funding.




I am a second-year history and politics student. Before university, I had only ever watched football as a sport, but had never had the opportunity to play. I joined UWWFC as a fresher and have never looked back! From playing football to enjoying the socials, UWWFC has made my university experience a truly unique and wonderful one.

As welfare officer, I aim to continue to provide an inclusive and supportive environment for new and old members alike, through new events and initiatives!



I am a second year Applied Engineering student at Warwick University as part of a degree apprenticeship scheme with Jaguar Land Rover. I love football as it brings everybody together in a fun, challenging and competitive way, having such a positive effect on people’s mental health and well-being. As my apprenticeship scheme is different to other university courses, UWWFC has been a perfect way to get to meet new people, and create connections and relationships I wouldn’t have been able too otherwise. These are a couple of the reasons as to why I decided to join the women’s football team at Warwick and to run as part of the Social Exec duo.


In this role, I aim to be a friendly face within the club, being able to help everyone have a good time and feel included, and to let go, relax, and have fun. Socials enable everyone in the club to get to know one another on a personal level, being able to communicate better and spend more time with each other in a different environment to the football field, really adding to the university experience and helping to create amazing bonds and relationships within the club. I am so excited for my journey as the social sec, and I can’t wait to have such a good time with everybody, whilst helping to support the club.



I’m a first-year liberal arts student. I started playing football when I was 6 years old and took a break from playing when I was 15. University was the perfect opportunity to pick up my old passion again. The whole club is so supportive and welcoming and made me feel right at home.


This made me want to a part of the executive team and run for social secretary. Inclusivity and making everyone feel welcome is something extremely important to me. Organising events outside of training is key to enhance bonding within the club and offers an opportunity for people from different teams to interact and get to know each other. 

I’m excited to see what this year holds, to collaborate with other exec members and to help UWWFC continue to grow and evolve.



I am a Global Sustainable Development going into my 3rd year. I’m French and German, but I come from Luxembourg, where I mainly played football through my school. 


Being part of UWWFC throughout my University experience has made me love football more than ever. This club is my family, and this is why I’ve decided to be part of the exec for another year. As media and communication officer I want to share the incredible UWWFC experience with the wider Warwick community and future freshers, inspiring more people to join our amazing club! 



I’m a first year undergraduate studying Politics and International Studies. I’ve always loved to play football and UWWFC is a really welcoming and inclusive club to play for at any skill level.  

Being Charity Officer is a great way to support our local community. Throughout the time in this role, I hope to encourage as many members as possible to get involved in our charitable events. Not only does it make our members feel good about themselves by supporting those in less fortunate positions, but our events are always sociable and have a meaningful impact on our community. I am always open to new suggestions for ways to raise money and awareness around important causes and can’t wait to make a positive difference with our UWWFC members.  



I am a second year MORSE Student and I have played football for around 15 years. From being part of the UWWFC I have continued the sport I love, made some great friends, worn some questionable costumes and have massively improved my ability to down a pint.


I wanted to give back to the club as Kit Sec as I feel that kit is fundamental to the club’s image, in terms of how we feel and how others perceive us and I’m hoping to contribute to this in a positive way. I am interested in bringing in new Kit and accessorises and would like to introduce a “kit try-on session



I’m a first year International Management student. 


I joined the UWWFC never having played football before. I immediately felt incredibly welcome into the club, as there is such an inclusive environment for players of all abilities. For this reason, I am very excited to be part of the exec team this year. As Tour sec I hope to organise fun and memorable trips that bring everyone in the team closer together. Tour is the perfect opportunity for club members, especially freshers, to get to know each other outside of the university environment. I’m looking forward to getting as many people on board as possible and creating amazing memories together.