All of our teams train on the 3G pitch at the Westwood Sports Centre.  

Training on the 3G pitch enables us to always be sure that we can train, even amongst the many downpours that the Midlands so kindly treats us to. We are lucky to not have to worry about trainings being cancelled at the last minute because of weather conditions.

The pitch is floodlit making it ideal for those long and cold wintery nights. 


There are also changing rooms where the team can gather and chill before training. These are, however, open to all but belongings can be left in lockers. 



UWWFC has been part of the Team Warwick Performance Programme since 2020.

This means that we have the privilege of working with the performance team throughout the year, giving us access to structured strength and conditioning sessions. The new Sports Hub provides many of the university's teams with elite-level gym facilities. 



We have access to both grass and astroturf pitches that are located at the Cryfield Sports Centre

The teams play their matches on both surfaces depending on weather and on pitch demand. 

The 4G pitch was laid in 2017 and provides the teams with a fantastic surface to play on. Equipped with floodlights, it is ideal to play on in the winter months when it begins to get darker. 


The grass pitches are available in fair weather and looked after by the Cryfield ground staff

Both grass and astroturf pitches have plenty of space for spectators to come watch and support us!


For away matches, our teams travel by coach; with or without other Warwick sports teams - it really depends! 

The bus rides are good opportunities for team bonding. There is often plenty of space which allows the more studious to study, the rowdy to be well rowdy, and the sleepers to sleep. The travelling is a great way to have a chat with teammates when not standing on a football pitch.

The bus journeys also give plenty of opportunity for adventures and getting lost is not uncommon!

The pitches for away games are both astro and grass, depending on where we play and what the opposing team organises