I'm a second year maths student.


I hadn't played futsal before university, but being part of the futsal team has given me some of my best memories at UWWFC. It's been so much fun and now as futsal captain I am looking to work with the coach to help develop the team to challenge for the title.

Division: Midlands 1A

Coach: Nick Sum

Season Recaps: 

2014-15      Midlands 1A 5th place     ;     Trophy Last 16  

2015-16      Midlands 1B 1st place      ;     Trophy Semi-final      ;      Premier Midlands Playoffs 1st place

2016-17      Premier Midlands 5th place               

2017-18      Midlands 1A 2nd place     ;     Trophy Last 32

2018-19      Midlands 1A 4th place     ;     Trophy Last 32

2019-20     Midlands 1A 4th place     ;     Trophy Last 16 (incomplete due to Covid-19 pandemic)